Reform Studio Win Cartier Women’s Initiative Award

Design Stories

Grammy Chair 1Here at Jam Space we were so excited to hear the news that one of our favourite designers has won the Cartier Women’s Initiative Award in the Middle East and North Africa category.

A huge congratulations to Mariam Hazem and Reform Studio for winning this prestigious award.  The Grammy chairs have been attracting attention since we opened.  Not only do we love the simple design, vibrant colours and texture of the Reform Grammy chairs, we are constantly impressed by the innovative and resourceful use of recycled materials.


Reform_nk-72“The Grammy chair brings an old authentic design back to life; a chair that dates back to the 1960s.  The chairs incorporate our new designed handmade fabric, Plastex.  Plastex is created from reused plastic bags; bags are rescued, sorted, sterilized, cut and interwoven on a traditional Egyptian handloom, creating a new durable eco-friendly material.  This collection is designed to raise awareness about the sustainable change in our world today.”

“Reform Studio reused 4,000 plastic bags in 2013 and in 2014 the target was to reuse 790,000”

Not only does the Grammy chair address important sustainable and environmental issues, it is also helping to revive and support the weaving industry in Egypt.

Grammy Chair 2

“We never imagined that the craft has reached such a bad stage; finding workshops that are still loyal to this craft was an obstacle.  The automation of the weaving industry affected handmade crafts to an extent that craftsmen would not be able to make a living from it.  So we thought of juxtapositioning an old technique with a new concept through design to create new products with higher values.”

The Grammy chairs are currently available exclusively in the UK at Jam Space.

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