Ornamatics Collection

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Jam Space is proud to present another UK exclusive, a collection of furniture that truly is tradition reinterpreted, from the design studio ENCODE.  The collaborative design studio was founded by a small group of architects from Alexandria, Egypt: Ebtissam Farid, Mohamed Zaghloul, Ahmed Hassan and Ahmed Abouelkheir.  ENCODE is more than a design studio, ENCODE is also a research lab where new IT techniques applicable to design are explored.

Their first collection entitled, Ornamatics showcases the idea to develop new ways of presenting traditional Islamic patterns, through using mathematics and digital tools.  Using cutting-edge mathematical design systems and fabrication techniques, a series of Islamic patterns have been re-imagined, using contemporary colours and materials.

Ornamatics Chair 2

“To ENCODE, the Islamic decorative heritage has not been given the attention it deserves recently, and it risks becoming a stagnant design form, only appearing as repetitions of old creativity, without innovation. The group therefore sought to give the art form a new life, using contemporary techniques. The decorative patterns of Islamic art are often comprised of geometric figures, such as stars, polygons and lancet arches, which renders them great for exploring using mathematics and geometry. For centuries, the region’s craftsmen and artists have developed these patterns from a purely aesthetic side, without paying attention to this aspect.  It was the ongoing revolutionary phase in Egypt that inspired ENCODE to start working with patterns from traditional Islam. The current changes relate a lot to the issue of Egypt’s identity and how it is being redefined, which led the group to explore matters related to their own identities. At the same time, it was an efficient way for them to show what possibilities IT and mathematics have in the design field.”


The versatility by which ENCODE can reinvent Islamic pattern, reinterpreting and recreating traditional forms and patterns is shown clearly in the range of products available at Jam Space.  From lazer cut felt curtains, to cushions, chairs and perspex and wooden coffee tables.  The aim is to encourage the viewer’s eye to reveal the hidden order of the patterns and its shadows, and to encourage the collective emotional response that the act of meditation inspires.

Ornamatics Screen

Visit us and discover our ENCODE collection at Jam Space, 118 Fulham Road, London.

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