Sail the Nile in Style

Discover at Jam Space

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 15.52.07The continuing cold weather has got us thinking of sunnier climes and for the ultimate in luxury travel we look to the stunning Nubia Dahabeya boat.  This one of a kind Nile boat is inspired by the traditional Dahabeya Nile cruisers. Jam Space creator and interior designer, Hedayet Islam and her Cairo based company Eklego Design, are responsible for the stunning interiors.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 15.51.15The owners chose not to refurbish an old or second-hand vessel, but rather build a new one based on the old lines, but modified to suit their modern lifestyle. Divided over three levels, the lower level contains the bedrooms, staff area and kitchen. The main deck is divided into a large terraced area and a secondary tea corner, while the inside living space is divided into a lounge and dining area. The topmost deck situated in the stern has Bedouin-style floor seating with straw carpets and floor cushions, making this spot perfect for star gazing.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 15.51.54The boat is named Nubia and the design is inspired by the river villages of Upper Egypt, with desert colours and rich textures. Islamic and Ancient Egyptian motifs are used to stay true to the owner’s love of Egypt’s abundant heritage.  Custom-made sofas inspired by the Lotus flower, with exaggerated/ accentuated depth and traditional Egyptian upholstery, double as day beds.  This Lotus sofa can be found at Jam Space.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 15.51.30

Hedayet's Desert Moodboard can be viewed at Jam Space for inspiration for soft colour palettes and natural materials.

Hedayet’s Desert Moodboard can be viewed at Jam Space for inspiration for soft colour palettes and natural materials.

Old doors sourced from Cairo’s back alley antique stores are used as art, chests as tables, and cut-out motifs for lighting features. White-washed wood work keeps the mood true to the desert inspired colour scheme, while neutral upholstery adorned with traditionally embroidered throw pillows gives richness to the serene interior setting. The overall result is a charming floating home inviting you to layback and reflect on the wonderful surroundings of the river banks.

This project won the prestigious Finest Interior Award in the Special Award Category for Interior Decorating with Textiles.

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