Jam Space Presents: Alef Gallery Fabrics

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Jam Space is excited to present a beautiful new range of printed fabrics from Cairo based gallery Alef. The collection is based on traditional Coptic, Islamic and Orientalist designs, printed on a variety of Egyptian cotton weaves, from airy voile to light-weight canvas.


Alef Gallery share many design philosophies with us here at Jam Space and we are delighted to be showcasing their talents.

“The roots of Alef dig deep into all origins: as our name suggests*, we start our journey from the beginning, unfurling the traditional arts of the Mediterranean basin and keeping them alive in the modern age. Alef is more than just a gallery; it is a place where people can wander from reverie to reverie and be transported back to those ancient civilisations that have fascinated us for centuries. We are dreamers and want others to be inspired. We seek to share our journeys into the mystique and diversity of Arabic culture. We draw from this source our inspiration, mixing modern with traditional; luxuriant decadence with contemporary simplicity. The gallery’s main aim is to revive high quality handicrafts and home furnishings; to maintain the highest standards of craftsmanship in all our creations. Our vision into reality.”

*Alef is the first letter of the Arabic alphabet.


The hand screen printed imagery employs traditional Arabic and Ottoman motifs such as pomegranates, lotus flowers, palm trees and the bukhara motif which inspired our own bukhara table.

IMG_0857Bukhara Table

The range is available at Jam Space now to order by the metre (delivery time two weeks.)


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