Textile Inspirations: Horus

Design Stories


Today, the day of the first solar eclipse since 1999,  is a fitting day to talk about one source of inspiration for the upcoming Jam Space fabric collection; Horus; the Egyptian sun god.

Jam Space has drawn inspiration from the Pharaonic motifs of the god Horus, the Zig Zag symbol for the Nile and the Lotus Flower found in ancient Egypt.  Re-interpreting these iconic motifs within a contemporary textile context, creates a new and fresh approach that is relevant to design and people today.

louts colored.psd

Mythologically, Horus was imagined as a celestial falcon, whose right eye was the sun and left eye the moon.  The speckled feathers of his breast were probably considered to be the stars, while his wings were the sky that created the wind. (source: touregypt.net)


Horus within the Jam Space fabric collection is represented as the falcon; Horus is used in it’s full form as well as deconstructed with a pattern repeat of its wings.


The Jam Space fabric and wallpaper collection will launch in May 2015.  For further information about the collection or to request an invitation to the launch event please contact gallery@jamspace.uk.

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