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Growing up in Egypt, our mother was determined to expose us to the many different flavours of Egyptian life and the influences of the different eras. She used to take us every week to visit a different historical site. Pharaonic, Coptic and Islamic spaces and motifs were engrained in my mind. I was intrigued when people spoke of Egypt’s “bygone era,” it seemed as if they were always nostalgic fora past that I had never experienced. Having grown up with such a rich and diverse ornamental vocabulary I wanted to use that in my professional life as a designer, be it in interiors, furniture or textiles and wallpapers. I wanted to celebrate our rich ornamental past and vocabulary, which appeared to have been somewhat lost under many layers of dust and nostalgia.  Thanks to the help of my design assistant, Yousra Yassin, Jam Space is proud to present its first fabric and wallpaper launch.

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This collection, translates traditional Pharaonic symbols, such as the Falcon God Horus, the Lotus flower and the Nile Zigzag symbol into bold and contemporary designs.  The collection ranges from a colourful chevron design, to a soft and painterly portrayal of the Lotus and an intriguing geometric repeat/pattern of Horus’ wings.  The colour palette ranges from monochromatic neutrals, to fresh and tropical aquas and marine blues and exotic and warm earthy tones of tangerine, papaya and terracotta. Textured natural linens and cottons constitute the bulk of the collection.

This collection is available through Jam Space UK since May 2015.

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